Social Media Marketing

As traditional forms of marketing become less effective, many companies have discovered the goldmine of social media marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing campaigns are created to build customer relationships through online communities, indirectly increasing your sales. The success of social media marketing relies entirely on word-of-mouth–which through social media platforms is growing exponentially–working wonders for those who use it effectively. Due to the viral nature of social media and its unique marketing objectives, this new form of marketing is often best left to the experts. Local Search Group provides successful social media marketing campaigns through:

Customized Homepages that Reflect Your Brand

Our social media experts create business pages that reflect your company’s mission, objectives and values. By incorporating your company’s logo, color palette and graphics, we ensure that these pages are complimentary to your website and other marketing materials.

Buzz Worthy Content

Successful social media campaigns highlight the “hot topics” of the times. Through the development of monthly social calendars, we keep your company’s social media platforms current with important company dates, community events, and national industry news. Local Search Group additionally creates content that engages your customers through unique giveaways, contests, trivia, and questions.

Around-the-Clock Surveillance

Nowadays, anyone can comment on social media platforms, which can become problematic if the commentary of the post shows your company in a negative light. Unlike many of the other marketing firms, our team constantly monitors your social media platforms and quickly resolves any issues that arise.

Social Media Platforms

Although there are a number of different social media platforms, Local Search Group utilizes the most widely used platforms, optimizing your marketing dollars. FacebookFacebook has become an avenue through which to reach the masses. This year, Facebook is expected to reach its one billionth user! As a result of this resounding acceptance, our social media experts have developed customized services specifically for Facebook. Learn more about our Facebook marketing services!


Twitter, although not as well-known as Facebook, is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. With over 500,000 new users every day, Twitter allows businesses to have genuine conversations with their customers in real time! Learn more about our Twitter marketing services!


YouTube helps fulfill consumers’ desire to get the information they need quicker and easier. With over three billion videos watched daily, it is imperative that businesses utilize this social media platform as a segue to more authentic communication with their target audience.