Reputation Management

With online review sites becoming increasingly more popular, people now have more power to influence your reputation than ever before in real-time.

To maintain a positive online presence, you must:

  • Intercept and properly address negative reviews in a timely manner.
  • Utilize customer feedback to tackle current problems and prevent them from happening in the future.

  • reputation management

    Your online reputation matters! Poor reviews are bad for business.

    Businesses with solid marketing efforts in online video, search engine advertising, content creation and social media may still fall short if they opt out of crucial reputation monitoring. Reputation management may not sell you cars, but it can prevent you from selling them. If the slew of user ratings out there discredits your business as a whole, it may discourage consumers from considering you altogether. Protect your name, your image and your sales with reputation management. Local Search Group offers reputation management services that preserve the integrity of your business online name in two ways:

    Monitor Review Sites

    Our team will monitor your company’s reputation on several general and industry-specific review sites such as Google + Local and With the growing number of review sites out there, we’ll guide you toward the most relevant review sites for your business and deliver bi-weekly reports that track your progress on each.


    For your selected review sites, our team will compile reports charting your activity on each site such as your total number of reviews, current rating, and number of new reviews. Real-Time Reports Additionally, you’ll receive real-time reports with direct links where you can respond to negative commentary left behind by unsatisfied customers in a timely manner.