Mobile App Development

With adults in the United States spending more time everyday on apps than on the web, mobile apps have become a vital medium through which businesses connect with their customers. Local Search Group creates custom mobile apps that provide a quick and reliable way to interact with your clients. A custom business app built by our team will increase brand recognition, generate leads, and improve customer experience.

The current standards amongst customers of our instantaneous generation are convenience and ease. Many times, customers will choose a more expensive alternative just because the transaction is more convenient and quicker for them. Mobile apps greatly improve the ease in which customers can learn more about your company, products, and services. For example, customers can search to see if a specific make and model is in your inventory, and make an appointment to get the oil changed on their current car all within a total of five minutes!

The experts at Local Search Group develop custom apps, compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones, whose unique features will redefine you from the rest. Don’t be one of the last ones to catch on to this incredible and fast-growing marketing medium. View more benefits of having a custom mobile app below, then fill out the form to the right to request a complimentary consultation. Allow Local Search Group to assess your current situation and show you how exactly we can increase your business and put you in front of more buying customers.

Through our custom apps, clients will have access to the following special features:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Search Inventory
  • Call & Email NOW
  • Scan QR codes and take action (visit website, call, download coupon)
  • Get GPS directions to your location
  • Receive push notifications
  • Access to your company’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)